Add Clockwise to Slack so your team can tell at a glance if you're in a Focus Time block, a meeting, or out of office.

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Set Up

To set up the Clockwise Slack app, you need to first sign up for the Clockwise Chrome Extension.  Once you have signed up for Clockwise for Chrome, connecting to Slack is easy.  There will be an onboarding tip card in the Clockwise feed (below) the first time you sign up, or you can connect to Slack directly from Settings at any time.  

If you are a part of multiple Slack organizations, Clockwise will only connect to the organization you specify.  You can add another Slack account from Settings.

Clockwise let's you select between two levels of syncing:

  • Include calendar event titles - if you select this option, Clockwise will sync the full title of your meetings to your Slack status.  If you mark an individual event as "private" we will not sync the title of that event.  However, if your calendar is private to some or all people within your organization, Clockwise will still display the full titles of your events.
  • Don't include calendar event titles - No event titles will be displayed.  Only that you are "In a meeting" and the category of that meeting.  If you want to change the category of a meeting, you can do that from inside the Clockwise chrome extension.

How it Works

Clockwise automatically syncs your current calendar status to Slack in the form of an emoji with descriptive text.  The different options are below:

  • 🗓 - In a "meeting category" Meeting (via Clockwise)  {ex: In an external meeting (via Clockwise)}
  • 💡 - Focus Time (via Clockwise)
  • ⛔️ - Out of Office (via Clockwise)
  • Current phase of the moon 🌔 - Outside of Working Hours (via Clockwise)
  • Blank - no description, shows when you're in fragmented time, in a meeting that Clockwise has categorized as not a true meeting (a hold, travel time, etc) and on weekends.

Clockwise categorizes your time automatically.  To visualize the categories on your calendar, enable the Clockwise Calendar.  You can also customize the categorization of an event by clicking on the event and selecting a category from the drop down under the event title.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect Slack and Clockwise?

To disconnect Clockwise from Slack, access the Clockwise Settings menu and click on the trash can next to your connected Slack organization name.

What permissions do you request when I set up my Slack account?

Read our article on our Slack app's security to learn more about the specific permissions and why they are needed!

If you're new to Clockwise, learn more and sign up here!

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