For the Clockwise Slack app to work, you will need both a Clockwise account and a Slack account. Currently you can't create a Clockwise account in Slack, so you have to sign up via the Clockwise chrome extension.

When an individual installs the Slack app for the first time, they will be presented with the below authorization screen:

The permissions we request are required for the following reasons:

  • Confirm your identity: This is to ensure you have access to the Slack account you are attempting to link to Clockwise
  • Access & modify your profile and your workspace's profile fields: Clockwise automatically updates your Slack status to reflect your calendar.  Your status is on your profile, so in order to update it we require this access.
  • Add a bot with the username @clockwise: Only requested of the first user in an organization, this bot is required for future features coming soon in the Clockwise Slack app. Our Slack bot is not automatically added to any Slack channels.  When the new features using the Slack bot are released (Spring of ‘19), it will communicate directly with Clockwise users only. 
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