The Clockwise Scheduler finds and suggests the best time for new meetings by surfacing the time that costs the attendees the least amount of Focus Time.

You can add attendees to the scheduler in two ways:

  • Select the calendars of the teammates you want to meet with using the calendar selection on the left side of Google Calendar, then click on the suggestion to schedule a meeting with those teammates.
  • Or type in the email addresses (internal or external) of the people you would like to meet with

The Scheduler will surface the "Best Time" and the "First Available" time.  More times are visible under "View more available times".

The "Best Time" is the time that interrupts the least amount of Focus Time for all attendees.  If you would like to visualize how much Focus Time is being interrupted, enabling your Clockwise Calendar can help give you at-a-glance context about why certain times are better than others.

Click on the time you would like to book, add a title, description, location, and click "Schedule", and your meeting will be booked instantly.

"Find the Best Time" vs "Choose a Time"

If you select Find the Best Time, Clockwise will automatically select the "Best" time it can find given the duration of the meeting and the time range you select.  

It will not automatically schedule the meeting, you still get to confirm the selected time.

By default, meetings scheduled with "Find the Best Time" are on Autopilot, flexible within the day.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or feedback about the Quick Scheduler.

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