The Clockwise personal calendar sync automatically syncs events from your personal Google Calendar account to work calendar, so you never miss a doctor’s appointment or an important delivery. Even better, none of the personal details are included in the event, so your personal events stay private.

Synced events will have the subject "Busy (via Clockwise)".  If a synced event changes time or duration on the connected personal calendar, that change will be reflected in your work calendar automatically.

Setting up the sync

To enable the Clockwise personal calendar sync, click on the "Features and Integrations" section of Settings, and select "connect new calendar".  Select a personal Google calendar to connect to Clockwise and approve the permissions requested.  

Once the calendar is connected, your personal calendar events that meet the following criteria will automatically sync within a few minutes:

  • During the work week (Mon-Fri)
  • They occur with 3 weeks of the current date - event will continue to be added as time passes

Deleting individual events

If you have an event on your personal calendar that you don't want synced to your work calendar, you can delete the synced event from your work calendar from the Clockwise chrome extension or using the delete event trash can.

At this time, you can only delete events from your chrome web browser.  If you attempt to delete synced events from mobile or a different calendar client, they will be re-created automatically.

Disabling the sync & deleting all synced events

If you disable the personal calendar sync, all synced events will be deleted from your work calendar.

To disable the sync, go to "Features and integrations" in Settings, and click on the trash can next to the personal calendar you connected.

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