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How it works

Clockwise helps you visualize how much time you have for focused work by automatically creating Focus Time Smart Holds on your calendar. These dynamic calendar events are updated in real time as your calendar changes, so you can always have an up-to-date view of your Focus Time. 

You can set up your Focus Time Holds when you first sign up for Clockwise:

If you choose "on your primary work calendar", coworkers with access to your calendar will be able to see your Focus Time Smart Holds when scheduling with you.

Pro tip: You can also sync your lunch to your calendar with Clockwise's Lunch Smart Holds

Frequently Asked Questions

If my calendar changes, how quickly will the Smart Hold update?

Clockwise Focus Time Smart Holds are updated in real time – if there is a change to your calendar that impacts your Smart Holds, they will update within seconds.  

Are the Smart Hold events marked as busy or free?

Smart Hold events are marked as "busy" on your calendar.  

What is the minimum duration for a block of Focus Time?  Can I customize that duration?

The minimum duration for a Focus Time block is 2 hours.  Read more about Focus Time here.  Unfortunately, that minimum time threshold can't currently be customized.

How do I delete a Smart Hold from my calendar?

To delete a Smart Hold, click on the event in your calendar, then click on the "Delete this Hold" button from the Event Details view in the chrome extension.  If you delete the blocks from any other location, they will be recreated.

How do I turn off the Focus Time Smart Hold sync?

To turn off the Focus Time Smart Hold sync, go to your Settings menu and expand the Smart holds sub-menu. Select "On your Clockwise Private Calendar" to remove any public facing Focus Time events from your calendar.  You can also remove the "Clockwise Private Calendar" from your calendar list by toggling it off from the same Smart holds section in Settings.  

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