What meetings will Clockwise Autopilot move?

Autopilot is 100% opt-in, so the only meetings that it will move are ones that you or another Clockwise user attending the meeting put on Autopilot.

When will Autopilot move a meeting?

There are 3 triggers that cause Autopilot to move a meeting:

  • The meeting interrupts Focus Time for you and the meeting attendees, and there's a time available that works for all attendees that interrupts less Focus Time
  • The meeting is double booked, and there's a time available that does not have a conflict
  • The meeting is in conflict with one of the attendee's preferences (ex: it's scheduled over lunch, or the attendee prefers to meet in the morning), and there is a time available that is better.

What time of day does Clockwise Autopilot move meetings?

Clockwise analyzes your calendar at 4pm every work day to see if any of the meetings on Autopilot can be moved to better times. If there is a better time available that works for all attendees, then Clockwise will automatically move it.  This occurs once per day.

Do the other attendees on a meeting have to be Clockwise users for Clockwise to take their availability into account when rescheduling?

No – due to the way Google Calendar works, Clockwise can tell when the other meeting attendees are free or busy, and only moves meetings into time slots when they are free. If the attendees are Clockwise users, then the meeting preferences of that attendee can be taken into account (when they get into the office, when they eat lunch, etc).

Will Clockwise move a meeting that happens that same day?

No – Clockwise will never move a meeting the same day it occurs.

What time period does Clockwise Autopilot look at when optimizing my calendar?

Clockwise looks at the current week and the next calendar week. It does not use a rolling 14 day window.

Will Clockwise move a meeting I have with someone who doesn't work at my company if I put it on Autopilot?

No – currently, Clockwise can only move internal meetings automatically because those are the only people whose availability we can see. We will not move a meeting with an external attendee.

My meetings are all in conference rooms. What happens to the room if I put the meeting on Autopilot?

Clockwise will let you select if you prefer to meet in the same room, or if you are willing to switch to a similar room.  

If you select "Keep original room", Clockwise will only move the meeting to a time when that room is available.  If you select "Ok to move to similar room", then Clockwise will use your past meeting rooms and the average number of attendees in those rooms to identify similar conference rooms to the one you chose.

One of my teammates is in a different timezone and isn't a Clockwise user. Can I put that a meeting with her on Autopilot?

Yes – Clockwise can automatically tell what timezone your teammates are located in using their Google Calendar settings. Clockwise will adjust that non-user's default working hours to reflect their local timezone.

Will Clockwise book over other meetings or holds on my calendar?

Clockwise will not book over other events on your calendar unless you tell Clockwise to "Ignore" an event, or Clockwise determines automatically that it should be ignored.  To tell Clockwise to ignore an event (like Office Hours or a WFH block), select "Ignore" from the drop down menu after clicking on the event.

I only like to meet in the afternoons. Can I set more advanced preferences like that for Autopilot?

Yes – you can customize a number of preferences about your ideal schedule under Advanced Settings.

How can I tell what meetings are on Autopilot right now?

You can access your meetings on Autopilot from the "Autopilot meetings" section of the Settings menu. It shows all the meetings currently on Autopilot, as well as the meetings Clockwise recommends be put on Autopilot.

Other Autopilot questions?  Email us at support@getclockwise.com or chat us using the chat bubble below.

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