Enable Autopilot for a meeting you organized, and Clockwise will automatically reschedule it to the least disruptive time as your calendar changes, minimizing interruptions and context switching costs.

Key details:

  • Autopilot is opt-in only - Clockwise will never put a meeting on Autopilot without your consent.
  • Autopilot will only move a meeting if every attendee on that meeting is available at the new time.
  • Autopilot will only move a meeting within your meeting hours, and the meeting hours that we infer for the meeting attendees.
  • Autopilot will automatically move the selected event if a less disruptive time is found - there is no approval process for the individual meeting moves.
  • Autopilot runs every week day (Mon-Fri) at 4pm.  If a meeting you organized moves, we will send you an email and notify you in your chrome extension feed.
  • Autopilot is currently only available for internal meetings.

How do you enable Autopilot?

There are two ways to enable Autopilot.  The first is by responding to an Autopilot suggestion, and the second is through Event Details.

Autopilot Suggestion
Clockwise intelligently suggests that you put certain meetings that will have a high impact on your team's Focus Time on Autopilot.  You will see these suggestions in your Clockwise home feed.  Choose the flexibility of your meeting (see below) and click "Enable Autopilot" to turn on Autopilot for that meeting.

Event Details
Click on the meeting you would like to include in Autopilot in Google Calendar.  Clockwise will show details about the event you selected.  At the bottom of the chrome extension, there is a section for Autopilot.

To include an event in Autopilot, turn on the toggle next to "Include this event in daily 4pm calendar optimization".  You can turn this off at any time.

Meeting Flexibility

So that Clockwise only moves a meeting within the time period you feel comfortable with, Clockwise requires that you set a "flexibility" for every meeting on Autopilot.  If you select "Ok to move within the week" for example, Clockwise will automatically move the event to any day within the same calendar week.  

How does Autopilot handle conference rooms?

If the event is in a conference room, Clockwise can either look for a time when the same room is available ("Keep current room"), or find a time when a similar conference room is free.  Clockwise identifies similar conference rooms based on the historical number of meeting attendees for conference rooms that you use frequently.

The more flexible you are with the event's time and conference room, the more likely it is that Clockwise will be able to find a better time for the event.

What meetings can you include in Autopilot?

Clockwise will only include meetings that meet the below criteria in Autopilot:

  • Internal only - no attendees outside of your email domain
  • Organized by you - the meeting has to be scheduled by you.  If there's a meeting you would like to add to autopilot, invite the organizer to Clockwise and they can enable Autopilot for that meeting.

We recommend you enable Autopilot for recurring meetings like 1:1's or team syncs.  These are typically not scheduled at an optimal time every week, so Clockwise can often find a better time.

When does Autopilot run?

Autopilot runs every weekday (Mon - Fri) at 4pm in the Time Zone set for your organization.  

How does Autopilot know when to move a meeting?

Autopilot takes into account a number of factors when trying to find a better time for your meetings:

  • Focus Time cost: Clockwise calculates the total Focus Time cost for all attendees on the meeting, then compares that with the Focus Time cost of all the available alternative times.  If there is a time that is free that meets all other criteria below and has a lower Focus Time cost, Clockwise will automatically move the meeting.
  • Your meeting hours:  Clockwise will only move meetings within the meeting hours you set during onboarding.  You can review or change these at any time from Settings.
  • The other attendees' meeting hours: Clockwise infers meeting hours for the other meeting attendees based on their past behavior.  The best way to ensure you we have accurate meeting hours for meeting attendees is to invite them to Clockwise so they can customize them.
  • Your flexibility setting for the meeting: Clockwise only looks for alternative times either within the day or within the week of the original meeting time, depending on how flexible you say the meeting is.
  • Your lunch preferences:  Clockwise will attempt to preserve some time for you to take a break for lunch.  You can customize this preference in Settings.

Please contact us at support@getclockwise.com if you have any additional questions about Autopilot. 

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