Using Clockwise is easy, but here are some quick tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your Clockwise experience:

  • Put a meeting on Autopilot - Click on any meeting, and toggle on Autopilot to let Clockwise automatically move it to the least disruptive time. The more meetings on Autopilot, the more Focus Time Clockwise can create for you and your team.  
  • Invite your teammates - Clockwise works best when you use it as a team. This is because 1) your teammates will get to input and customize their working hours so meetings will move to times that work for everyone, and 2) the more meetings on Autopilot, the more meetings Clockwise can optimize, so the more likely it is that Clockwise will be able to make an improvement in everyone's schedules.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Auto Scheduler -   Click "Schedule Meeting," add attendees, and click Auto Schedule to have Clockwise automatically find the best time for you to meet. [Pro tip: Overlay a coworker's calendar on yours by selecting it from the list of calendars on the left side of Google Calendar, and Clockwise will suggest that the coworker be added as a meeting attendee].
  • Color code your meetings - Turn on automatic meeting color coding from your feed or from "Features & Integrations" in Settings to visualize your week at a glance. To change the color, click on the meeting to change the categorization from the dropdown menu. [Pro tip: color categories are connected to the time analytics, so if you categorize a meeting as Focus Time, it will be reflected on your Profile]

Advanced Configuration

Now that you're a Clockwise expert, here are a few advanced options to explore:

  • Tell us your favorite conference rooms - if you work at a large office and prefer to meet near your desk, tell Clockwise which rooms are your favorite from Settings.
  • Tell us if you don't plan on attending specific meetings - if you have a recurring meeting that you don't plan on attending but still want on your calendar (ex: Office Hours), mark it as "Ignored" so that Clockwise knows it can be booked over. This will increase the number of possible meeting moves we can make with Autopilot.
  • Save time for lunch - if you always eat lunch at 11:30 to beat the rush, make sure that preference is accurately reflected in Clockwise by updating your lunch settings under "Advanced Settings".
  • Copy Focus Time blocks to your calendar - the Clockwise Calendar that surfaces your Focus Time blocks is only visible to you, not your teammates.  If you want to protect any of those Focus Time blocks from being booked over, click on them and select "Copy to Work Calendar" from your chrome extension.

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