Getting started with Clockwise is easy.  

User requirements

Clockwise currently only supports Google Chrome browsers and Google Calendar users.  We will be adding additional browser and calendar server support in the future.

Connect your calendar

The first step to getting started with Clockwise is to install the Clockwise extension to your chrome browser.  After installing you should be automatically redirected to your Google Calendar, where you will see the Clockwise extension.  

Clockwise will prompt you to login to Clockwise via your Google account.  Clockwise is built for work calendars, so we don’t currently allow you to connect with a personal gmail account.  

Clockwise needs to connect to your calendar in order to see when your calendar events are and who they are with in order to make the best recommendations to open up Focus Time.  Clockwise won't make any changes to your calendar without your approval. Learn more about Clockwise's approach to security here.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about getting started with Clockwise.

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