Working hours & meeting hours

During onboarding, Clockwise asks for your Working Hours and Meeting Hours.  

Why do we need both?  We use your Working Hours to calculate how much Focus Time you have.  For example, if your working hours are 8 to 6 every day, but your meeting hours are 9 to 5, scheduling a meeting at 9am could be interrupting a block of Focus Time.  

Your meeting hours are also very important.  Clockwise scheduling suggestions and Autopilot meeting moves are always within your meeting hours.

Define your team

Clockwise asks you tell us who is on your team so we know whose Focus Time you care about.  If you are a people manager, your team could be your direct reports.  If you are a product manager, your team could be the engineers or designers you collaborate with.  If you are an individual contributor, your team could be the cross-functional stakeholders you work with most frequently.

Clockwise uses the information about who is on your team in your Team Insights dashboard, as well as to generate our smart suggestions.  

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